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Pemmican Education Package

Ready to Eat Pemmican Patty

My company,Traditional Pemmican, is dedicated to providing a high quality product that honestly and respectfully represents this historical and culturally significant food.


Made with Eye of Round beef roast slowly smoked with maple wood, combined with pure dehydrated blueberries and mixed with specifically selected beef tallow. This product definitely connects you to the past.


This product contains no additives of any kind!

 No sugar, no salt and no preservatives.

** Shelf Stable **

This product has been Endorsed and Promoted by the

Manitoba Metis Federation

What is Pemmican?

That’s the recurring question I hear from the vast majority of people when talking about this product. 

My quick response is …. It’s the food that built Nations!


"Shawn - Many best wishes to you, with great compliments on your work making pemmican a thing of the present as much as it was a staple of life in Western Canada past.

By offering ready-to-eat pemmican or convenient make-it-yourself pemmican education packages, Red Road Compass provides a means for the young and old to return again to one of Western Canada's MOST famous heritage foods, and one integrally important in the region's Indigenous, fur trade and early settlement history."

Dr. George Colpitts Ph.D"

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