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Pemmican Products

With the purchase of the Pemmican Education package you receive all the necessary ingredients, in separate food safe containers, for you or your students to mix and then eat!


With this purchase, you just don't receive the Pemmican, you also receive a Pass Code to access the Educational Resources section. 


This section contains Pemmican and Indigenous related educational information, activities, videos and so much more!

This product is great for teachers, students and people who wish to taste history. 

Easy to make! Instructions included with your purchase. 

(We add new information and activities to this section monthly.)

Ready to Eat

Are you looking for a high calorie, stomach filling, energy packed, light food to use on your adventures? 

If so, this is it! 

Shelf stable and no refrigeration needed.

Just pack it and go!

(Click on the image to see nutritional  information)

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